Hello and welcome to my little home page. This was setup as a one-stop spot for my config's and server how-to. 

Server How-to: The new server-howto is up and has some added commands and notes on set up. I've also included a OSP section to be used when setting up a tourney server.

Config's: I've Posted the config's. As an added bonus (not really) I've posted my Q2 and QW config's.

Tweaks: Not up yet...I'll work on that this week. If you look at my config's, I get about 184 on demo001 at 640/480 with the  sound disabled. About 170 with it enabled. I'm running Win2k, 256megs of RAM, a p3 733/133, and a Geforce1 DDR.

My other web page. Killersinc.com